How the Rakuten Cash Back Button works

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The Rakuten Cash Back Button ensures that you will never miss out on Cash Back again! This brilliant and easy to use browser extension notifies you every time you shop at a store that offers Cash Back with Rakuten. It also saves you time and money by finding coupon codes and applying them directly to your order. Learn how it works and check out some of our favorite features below!

How does it work

Step 1: Download and install the Cash Back Button browser extension, available for free at Google Chrome, Safari, firefox AND Edge.

Step 2: Visit the website of the store you wish to shop with. Once you’re on the site, the button will notify you if Cash Back is available at that store. All you need to do is click « Activate » and you’re all set. You can shop on the site as you normally would while earning Cash Back!

Pro Tip: If you accidentally close the shop site tab, make sure you activate the Cash Back button again when you return to the site.


If you’re searching for a product on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you’ll start to see Cash Back amounts displayed directly in your search results. This feature allows you to see which stores partner with Rakuten without having to search for them on

Rakuten Cash Back button

Magic Ticket

This handy feature finds relevant coupons and promo codes in the store you’re browsing. During checkout, you will see an « Apply Coupon » notice in your cart. Click and the Cash Back button will automatically apply the best discounts. This feature only works in participating stores.

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Integration of Groupon, Yelp and Google Maps

This feature is for you, Groupon customers! Search your favorite places on Yelp or Google Maps and the Rakuten Cash Back button will notify you if there’s a Groupon available at that business so you can secure a great deal on top of Cash Back.

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So what are you waiting for? Get the official Rakuten Cash Back Button browser extension and start saving time and money today!

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